When can I get my hands on my goodies?

Orders are packaged + shipped within 2-4 business days. Typically, orders arrive within 4-7 business days, depending on your proximity to our South Central Pennsylvania location. Please be aware; due to Covid 19 (and other conditions that may be outside of our control) USPS and UPS shipping delays may occur. 

Who brings it to me?

We ship most orders USPS. However, very large orders (over 15 pounds) may be shipped through UPS.

Can I stalk it? I mean track it?

You will receive tracking information as soon as we process your shipping label. Packages usually ship within 24 hours of the time the shipping label is created. 

Tracking says it’s here. It’s not here.

Nobody panic. Double check tracking information to see if it has been marked “delivered”. Give the carrier a call to confirm delivery. Check with your neighbors or other household members. Email us at Although we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, or carrier delays. We may be able to help. If you suspect theft, you will need to file a police report and provide us with your report number. That number will need to be filed with the carrier for reimbursement. 

Oh, shit! It’s here and it’s damaged! Now what?

Ah, crap! Well, we try REALLY hard to wrap your items with more than enough love, support + packaging so it arrives in its natural condition. Email us at within 3 days of receiving your damaged item(s). Be sure to include photo(s). While we don’t have much control over a package once it has left our shop, we want you to worry about those babies, not shipping woes. 

Oooh, you give FREE SHIPPING!? Hook a momma UP!

All orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. By far, the best way to get FREE SHIPPING is by signing up for our subscription program. The “set it and forget it because you have enough junk to work about”-offer is super ideal for us busy mommas of the planet. Simply choose a frequency that works best for you. And go take a nap.