About Us

"It’s like hot sex in the driveway on date night
Or the discovery of double coupons for wet wipes!"


We read the books + took the classes, and still felt like we were just two parents, doing our best to keep our kids alive. By 2010, we had a few years under our belts (Camrynn, 5 + Madison, 7). I went into my 7th year of teaching, while Brett was a hard-working Diesel Tech. We did day trips and play dates. We forgot bedtime stories and wrestled pacifiers from the dog. Life was crazy!

In 2013, I started the hunt for truly all-natural bath + skincare products, primarily due to the girls’ skin sensitivities, but also the apparent lack of the required PhD needed to read the ingredients on said products. Research was daunting. I desperately longed for a brand I could trust. I decided that if I couldn’t find them, I would make them. I built relationships with a local beekeeper, goat farmer, the man in the next town over growing hops + many other high-quality suppliers. This mom was busy! I discovered quality DOES matter, and our skin never felt so good. Even if I could only slip into the shower for 3 minutes and 27 seconds, it was just the escape I needed.

-Jenn Leisenring, Owner + CEO

Our Work

We’re bringing a natural escape to you. No hidden, synthetic ingredients. Our entire brand and all of what we make is ALL-NATURAL. We believe that means that the ingredients come from the Earth- sustainable, pure, renewable, high quality + skin-loving. No palm. No synthetics. No aluminum. Always from amazing suppliers, and small-town farmers. Our products are made in our shop in small batches. We do not sacrifice quality for quantity. We don’t test on animals. Well, not actual animals, just friends and family. Usually willing + rarely bribed.

Our Mission

We know, momma, you’ve got the hardest job there is. We know that it may not feel like it, but you, doll, are killing it! You work really hard + you love your people. We know you don’t take life for granted, or too seriously. We’ll take care of you and you can take care of…all the things. Be it a 30-minute, steamy soaker-bath, or a 5-minute, quick sprinter-shower, we’ll help you be your own escape. Like hot sex in the driveway on date night. Or the discovery of double coupons for wet wipes! Yes, that good. An ASYLUM of the SAUCY sort.


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