Company Questions

Do you test on animals?

Only if our kids count. Kidding. Kinda. All of our products are tested for at least six months prior to production, by our in-house “testers” (yup, sometimes that’s our kids). Many of our product formulations undergo testing for a year or more so that we may offer accurate information regarding product characteristics, shelf-life, and long-term skin benefits. We rarely run out of “tester” volunteers.

Where can I purchase SA products?

SA often participates in local events around the South Central Pennsylvania area. However, the best place to find our goodies is right here on our website. Heck, sign up for a regular subscription and never worry about a “soap-less” shower again.

Do you make everything + if so, where?

All of our body + skincare products are formulated, tested, created, and produced in small batches, in our shop, by our hands. Like us, no two products ever look exactly alike + we prefer it that way. Our shop is located on a property in South Central Pennsylvania.

What’s with the name, Saucy Asylum?

As Monocacy Soap Co. (which remains our parent company), we had a dream that one day we could offer a special gift to hard-working mommas. A subtle getaway. A coastal escape in her very own bathroom, if you will. A place to rejuvenate + and treat herself to just the right amount of pampering that she so deserves. And, yet, with just the right amount of humor and edginess that she so needs. An Asylum of the Saucy sort.

I think I need advice. I have specific skin concerns. Is there someone who can help me?

We love to help! For general skin concerns- dry or oily skin, redness, appearance of fine lines or blemishes, mature skin, etc. Feel free to drop us a line at, if you need guidance. However, we do not claim to, nor are we qualified to diagnose, or treat, skin or other health conditions. “Is there a doctor on board!?” Depending on the severity of your concern, you may want to consult your physician.

Product Questions

Is your packaging Eco-Friendly? Recyclable?

We love our planet. So we’d like to keep it + have some “feels” about the way we leave it to our babies. Here’s what we can do about it:

Soap Bar Boxes- We do our part in reducing global warming by packaging our soaps in 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, cardboard soap boxes.

Deodorant- We’re going green with our deodorant push-up tubes. Fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, these environmentally-friendly, paperboard tubes keep you feeling great about your pits AND your planet.

Body Butter- We recycle so you can re-recycle. Our body butter jars are made with “post-industrial resin” (PIR). Eco-friendly, fully recyclable, sustainable + made from recycled materials, these double-walled jars are the perfect fit.

Lip Balm- Did we mention we want you to recycle? Fully recyclable and eco-friendly lip balm tubes keep your lip balm protected and won’t affect our landfills.

Hydrosol- Upcycling is kinda our gig! Since most of our hydrosols are distilled from the lavender, spearmint, and other ingredients grown on our property, we feel it is only right to give them the very best bottling a girl could ask for. Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, food grade, re-useable, frosted zelo glass bottles are slim + sexy AND Earth-loving!

*Shipping Boxes- ALL orders, including subscriptions, are shipped with 100% eco-friendly + recyclable boxes, shred, and tissue paper. We take great responsibility AND pride in our planet + our packaging.

What kind of “natural” are your products?

Oh, pumpkin. We hear ya! With all the claims of “all-natural” when they got some kinda strawberry perfume + bright colors in it? Have you ever heard of strawberry essential oil!? Nope. We neither. ALL SA products are made with all-natural ingredients…from nature. ALL of them! No fine print. Just plants, herbs, essential oils, unrefined butters and saturated oils. Sustainable. Renewable. From the Earth. Not from a dude in a lab coat.

Are your products vegan?

Sure. Some. Our website product descriptions include the common names for each ingredient (so that you don’t need to break out your doctorate to read them). If you’re looking for vegan, this should help.

How do I know how they smell?

As it turns out, we spent a minute on our product descriptions with the hopes that you could get a fairly good idea of how each blend smells. We have 6 common varieties of regular Bar Soaps, Deodorants, and Body Butters. Once you fall in love with a scent blend, we hope you’ll try it in our other products, too.

What size are your bars of soap?

All of our soap bars weigh at least 6 oz. That is a pretty hefty bar of soap! Our intention is for your bar of soap to last you between 4-6 weeks. This really helps in estimating shipping frequency for the subscription program. Of course, there are many variables, so this timeframe is simply an estimate.

What is the shelf-life of my new favorite product(s)?

All-natural = more likely to be affected by environmental factors. It is difficult to assign a specific “shelf-life” without knowing the environment in which the products are kept. Our products do NOT contain preservatives. Since truly effective NATURAL preservatives do not exist. Bar Soaps typically last more than 3 years without sacrificing quality. Our other products, like Body Butter, Deodorant + Lip Balm last more than 2 years as long as exposure to water/moisture has been limited. Hydrosols, one of our exclusive specialty products, can last up to 18 months provided it is kept in a dark, consistently cool location away from exposure to sunlight and water.

How do I make my goodies last longer?

Soap- Be sure to keep your soap as dry as possible between uses. If you are purchasing our soap for the first time, be sure to add one of our Soap Savers to your order. It will pay for itself in spades. They are recyclable and you may also run them through a regular dishwasher cycle. Allow your bar to rest on the Soap Saver to drain off excess water. There are also soap nets available, if you prefer.

Deodorant- Use only enough to cover the area. In warmer temps, SA deodorants apply similar to a thick lotion. You many choose to keep in the fridge during Summer months. Apply with clean hands.

Body Butter- Apply conservatively. Avoid coming in contact with moisture/water. It is not uncommon for Body Butter to melt down or become soft in warmer climates. Simply allow to solidify before next use.

Lip Balm- Apply with clean hands. Avoid leaving in pockets through the washer and/or dryer. Oils + butters may separate, as a result, and leave the Lip Balm feeling bumpy.

Hydrosol- When not in use, store in a consistently cool + dark location. This may be a dark cabinet in a temp-controlled room or the refrigerator, if you choose. Always apply with clean hands + keep away from direct sunlight.

My Body Butter, Deodorant or Lip Balm is soft/melted. What do I do?

Do not panic. It’s really common. Shipping in warmer climates often causes the butters/oils to soften or melt. Simply store your item(s) in a cool, dark place and they will re-solidify.

My friend told me handmade soap has lye in it. Does yours?

No, and here’s why. We LOVE when we get asked this question! Ahem. (finds science-y glasses and starchy lab coat). By definition, unless sodium hydroxide (“lye”) is used to convert the oils + butters into soap, it is not actual “Soap”. This is why so many of the big-brand bars are called “Beauty Bars”, “Cleansing Bars”, “Detergent Bars”, etc. And that stuff’s icky. The good news…? Essentially, all of the sodium hydroxide is used up in the process of making soap. It does not remain in the final product. Because all of the sodium molecules partner up with all of their fatty acid strands. (Ok, sorry, that got boring. Quick.) SIDE NOTE: since the sodium hydroxide is “used up”, retailers are not required to include it on product labels. We do. Because leaving ingredients off of a product label makes us feel dirty. And not the good kind.

Why do your soap labels say “avoid sensitive areas”?

Avoid getting it in your eyes or the eyes of those you love (your kids, in this case). If you have sunburn, it may hurt. If you have a cut, it may sting. So just avoid those sensitive areas.

Subscription Questions

How do I change my subscription frequency?

Making changes to your subscription order is super easy. Be sure you are logged in to your account. Click on “Account”. Locate the “Manage Subscription” link on the left side of the page. Click on the link “Change Frequency”. Update your order frequency and/or interval. Be sure to save your changes.

How do I change my subscription products (order)?

Love your subscriptions, but ready for a change? Got you, boo. No worries. Log in to your account. Locate the “Manage Subscription” link on the left side of the page. Click on the “View Details” link below your order. Scroll down to the “Products in your subscription” tab. Beside the product you’d like to change, click the “swap products” link. Choose the bar(s) you would like to swap to and click “select”. Be sure to click the “save changes” button at the bottom.

Can I add a discount code to my subscription order?

Sadly, because of the discounts that are already associated with our subscription program, you cannot combine an exclusive discount code/promotion with your subscription. However, depending on the promotion, you may want to place a one-time order to utilize your discount code/promotion. Either in addition to your subscription, or simply skip your upcoming subscription delivery.

When/how can I cancel my subscription?

Oh, sweetie. You may cancel your subscription at ANY time! No hidden fees. No sketchy tricks. We know how hard to you work. We never want to be added to your list of worries. To cancel your subscription, log in to your account. Locate the “Manage Subscription” link on the left side of the page. Click on the “View Details” link below your order. Scroll down to the last tab + click “Cancel Subscription”. Need help? You can email us at and we’d be happy to help.