Black Friday - Cyber Monday BIG MAMA Event of the Year

Black Friday - Cyber Monday BIG MAMA Event of the Year'm sure if you ask just about any small business retailer when they begin planning for the holiday season, you'll probably hear similar answers. June. July. Almost always sometime during the Summer months, if not sooner. It is truly a labor of love, each and every year. The promotion decisions, new products, packaging, labeling, email marketing, photography, social media content, print media and a butt-load more.

2020 has just been one hell of a whirlwind year. To say we feel spun in a circle is an understatement. This year, at Saucy Asylum, it's been a tough year to be a small business owner. But we're in this together. And we truly appreciate all of the love and support you've given us during this WTF year that is 2020.

We're so excited to announce a new product. CBD is everywhere right now. And the uses are endless. Saucy Asylum's travel-size Hemp CBD Body Balm is an all-over, general use body salve for localized applications. Made from US-grown hemp. From which, our supplier provides us with 3rd party testing results, so that we can truly stand behind our potency rating. It is also a broad spectrum CBD product, so it does not contain THC (for all you random-tested employees out there...wink). Check out this link for lots of information on the uses and applications for CBD Body Balm. 

And now for the BIG MAMA news. What everyone has been waiting for. This year, we're bringing one hell of an event. There are no codes to remember. We know that you are busy and ain't got time for that. Also, you'll have the entire long weekend to place your order. Midnight Thanksgiving through to midnight on Cyber Monday. However, you may not want to wait. 

Watch our announcement video here.

Part 1: We are lowering our FREE SHIPPING threshold from $100+ orders, to $50+ orders. 

Part 2: The 1st 50 orders over $50 will get one of our free canvas totes. Help us reduce plastic waste.

Part 3: ALL orders will get a free travel-size tube of our new CBD product called "The Balm". No matter the amount.

Part 4: The BIG MAMA Deal is for new members to our soap subscription program. You'll get the travel-size tube of "The Balm" in your first order. In your second order, you'll receive an additional full-sized bar of soap (a duplicate variety to one that you have already chosen, so you're sure to get something that you like). AND in your third order, you'll get ANOTHER full-sized bar of soap (again, one that you have previously ordered). That's a running total of nearly $40 in free products. And we're not even going to charge you to ship them. P.S. don't forget that our subscriptions already offer 10% off bars of soap and free shipping. Crazy. Just plain crazy. 

Part 5: We just love our current subscribers. And we didn't forget about you for even a minute. You're going to receive the NEW travel-size tube of "The Balm" in your next order. And you'll be seeing a coupon to try something else that you've maybe been dying to try. 

So there it is, guys. The 2020 "BIG MAMA" Black Friday through Cyber Monday event of the year for Saucy Asylum. I'm confident that you'll find something for the special Mom on your list. It actually goes without saying, if there's a year perfect for self-pampering, this is it! You'll wanna grab your favorites or try something new this season.

We couldn't be more excited for the holidays this year. Although they might look a little different than what we are used to, we're happy to end the year on a positive note. 

Thank you for your patience with shipping. USPS is running a little slower than normal. I anticipate that this will continue to be the case as we edge closer to the holidays. Be sure to place your orders early so that you receive all of your products before you need them.

One last request. I challenge you this year to try to support your small and local businesses during this holiday season. As you make your purchases over these holiday months, please try to support your local neighbors and friends with their small businesses. Your business goes a lot farther when it stays local. Take care. Stay healthy. And happy holidays. 

    -Jenn L. 


Jenn Leisenring is the Owner + head #saucymama for Saucy AsylumSaucy Asylum is a truly natural bath + body company for the hard-working, busy Mama. Don't worry about making time for trips to the spa, or expensive vacations. You can "be your own escape" with your own Saucy Asylum products.

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