9 Ways to Upcycle Your Bath + Body Jar

9 Ways to Upcycle Your Bath + Body Jar

It always amazes me to see how creative and resourceful people can be. I could spend hours scouring the depths of the internet looking for ways to make something new out of something old. Upcycle. Improving quality of life while saving money. Only recently, I discovered another benefit from turning those “previously destined for the recycle bin” (or, worse yet, the landfill) “throw-aways”. UPCYCLE YOUR RECYCLE!

I read that 448 million tons of plastic are produced for packaging, every year. Shocked? Oh, hell. Me too!

So why not spend an extra minute or two thinking (or searching Pinterest) about clever ways to reuse those empty bath + body jars?

So, I’m the owner of Saucy Asylum, a truly natural and better bath + body brand created by and for the hard-working Mama. I am so proud to say that we love our planet. We’d like to keep it beautiful. And we have some “feels” about the way we pass it along to our babies. We choose recyclable, eco-friendly packaging options for our products. We’d like to have a hand in affecting climate change, improving the condition of our oceans + tributaries, AND the lives of all of the amazing creatures that call these places their home. Saucy Asylum packaging runs the gamut. From recyclable (in the least), to compostable, biodegradable, sustainable, repurposed, etc.

Take our Whipped Body Butter jars, for example. We chose PIR jars. “Post-Industrial Resin”. Why? PIR offers a sustainable, eco-friendly option that utilized recycled material for construction. Which also means less waste. Made in the USA, so we are able to support job creation right here in our own communities. It’s really a win-win.

What about a win-win…WIN? The following is a list of 9 ways to upcycle your Saucy Asylum’s Body Butter jars. Now, our Whipped Body Butter lasts a SUPER long time, so you probably won’t have too many empty jars just sitting around. You’ll have to pick one of your favorite “reuses”, then head on over to the website to restock so that you can try some of the other ideas. Also, other jars may work, too. Either way. Here are 9 clever uses for your empty jars. *Always rinse and wash jars completely before reusing.

  1. Piggy Bank-

    Use a small knife or scissors + cut a large enough slit in the top of the lid for coins to fit through. Have your kid(s) decorate it how they would like. Teach them about the importance of saving, and recycling. For a more permanent Piggy Bank, glue the lid to the top of the jar.

  2. Travel Jar-

    Packing is never fun! And I’m always looking for ways to organize my things for a trip + that make packing easier. Reuse your jars as a safe home for your belongings during travel. A jewelry organizer, snack jar for the road, or roll up a belt to keep it nice a safe.

  3. Mini-Toy Storage-

    Damn it! Seriously?! The Barbie babies, the itty bitty miniature toys. They always seem to work their way down into the carpet. No more! Tuck those sweet little shards of HELL right inside of your recycled jar. Label them and stow them away for safe-keeping. For the love of all things holy…and your feet!
  4. Make-up Brush Holder-

    Need a good way to organize your make-up brushes? Yet, need them to still be handy for a quick routine in the AM? Just add a few tablespoons of pink sea salt (or dried beans, sand, etc.) to your jar + press your brushes down inside. Great for when “getting ready” meets “running late”. (Just be sure to recycle the lid.)

  5. Bird Feeder-

    Check out this bird feeder idea that I found on Pinterest. What a great use of a recycled jar! Get the kid(s) involved. Make it a Summer project + teach them about chores and accountability by including them while feeding the birds. Can we say win, win, win, WIN?

  6. Seashell Capsule-

    Are you headed to the beach this Summer? You can make a seashell collection jar for each of your kiddos ahead of time. Have them decorate their jars. Poke tiny holes in the bottom of each jar so that you can rinse their treasures and the water + sand can drain out.

  7. Plastic Bag Holder-

    Confession: I am not a huge fan of those pesky, plastic store bags. I’ve seen WAY too many of them floating in the ocean. I try to use my own reusable totes when out shopping. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Use your plastic bath + body jar to make a dispenser for your store bags. Cut a medium-sized hole in the lid of your jar. Stuff all of your plastic bags inside. *TIP- keep your jar in your car and you’ll have that extra bag when you need it.

  8. Extra Pantry Storage-

    I don’t know about you, but my pantry is a hotbed for where small items go to die. Try using a small washer + bolt to attach your jar lid to the underneath part of your pantry shelf. Use the jars to store tea bags, fast-food condiments, packs of candy, etc. #gamechanger

  9. Hide-A-Key-

    Locked out? Or worse, did you get locked out, by your toddler, on a Tuesday morning, at 7a.m., in the pouring rain? Oh, it happens. I needed a hide-a-key. Glue a few rocks or pieces of mulch to the top of the jar lid. Place an extra house key inside of your jar. Dig a hole in your garden, planter, yard, etc. And you’ll always have a way to get back in the house when you just quickly run your purse + the diaper bag out to the car, and your comfortably-dry and smirky 4-yr.-old is waving smugly from the window. Little Ass!

Repurposing is such an amazing thing! A win-win-win, for us super busy moms. Have other ideas or good uses for reusing your Bath + Body jars? Share your idea with other ways to reuse your empty jars.


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