5 Actually Free (+ sweat-free) Apps for the #SAUCYMAMA

5 Actually Free (+ sweat-free) Apps for the #SAUCYMAMA

So, I don't know how you are, but I'm all about things that make life easier + better. I mean, I'm aware that a housekeeper, chef, nanny or a secretary will always be out of the question for me. However, if I can download an app. For free! To simplify my life...I'll give it a good go.

Here is a list of 5 FREE (+ sweat-free) apps for the busy + overly-worked Mamas, like us. The #SAUCYMAMA:


If you're a new mom, the MammaBaby App is a life-saving must-have. Track feedings + sleep times. Monitor daily activities + growth. Set feeding + medicine alarms. Share information with other important figures in baby's life (other parent, babysitter(s), etc.) Get parenting tips + celebrate milestones. Receive daily summary reports + charts. 

Parents using this app especially love: to use MammaBaby as a tool for communicating information to pediatrician(s) for check-ups + other doctor calls.

Best for: new parents/babysitters

HappyKids Timer

A great way to promote childhood independence. It's primary nature makes this app very easy for children to use. Set a guide for walking children through their daily routines; getting dressed, brushing their teeth, tidying up their room, etc. Makes getting out the door in the morning, or putting kids to bed at night, easy + fun. 

Parents using this app especially love: the star rating system + award certificates to help kids feel successful. 

Best for: kids ages 4 & up/parents of kids ages 4 & up

 Chore Monster

An easy + fun way for kids to complete their chores. Assign a point value to each chore. Kids can earn points to be traded in for real-life rewards (ex. an hr. of video game time, a trip to the park, etc.) Kids can also collect monsters in the app for chore completion. Parents and multiple kids can work from the same account.

Parents using this app especially love: the opportunity to approve the completion of each chore. 

Best for: kids ages 3-15/parents of kids ages 3-15


Are you a Mom/Dad of older kids? Does your son/daughter have their own cell? Great. You'll love Life360! Create a "family" in the app, including parents, grandparents, kids, etc. Get real-time location data on each individual included in the "family". See the location(s) of family on a map. Life360 also offers a premium plan for parents of teen drivers called Driver Protect. This includes Crash Detection technology. It will notify a parent if your child is ever involved in a crash. Also, weekly Distracted Driver reports, 24/7 Roadside Assistance. 

Parents using this app especially love: keeping track of where kids are at any time; riding the bus, sporting events. Offers much needed peace of mind.

Best for: Parents of "phone-toting" kids/teenage drivers


Maybe you've got a big vacation coming up? Or you're looking to update that kitchen. Mint is a great way to budget and take control of your financial comings + goings. And it's not just for parents. It's really for anyone (even to help adult children gain a proper understanding of their finances). The personal finance app helps you set a budget, regulate earnings + spending, and stick to the plan. Track your transactions. Set bill reminders. Monitor your credit score. Set multiple financial goals (long + short-term). And it's super easy to use.

Parents using this app especially love: the available reports make tax time a BREEZE!

Best for: Parents/Adults of any age

So that's it. 5 Free (+ sweat-free) Apps for the #SAUCYMAMA. Try one, or all, of them out for yourself. At the time of this blog (9/2019) each of these apps are free and available in a variety of forms in the App Store. 





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